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Individual assignment-contrats - 275 Words

Individual assignment-contrats (Essay Sample) Content: Individual assignment: contracts Name Course Date Introduction A contract refers to an agreement that has lawful object entered into by two or more parties, an aspect that is done voluntarily with an intention of creating some legal obligations among them. The elements included in an agreement include the aspect of acceptance and offer by people who are competent, and said to have a legal capacity while exchanging consideration as a way of creating mutuality of obligation. Contracts can either be formal or in writing, by conduct, or orally. The remedy that is involved with breaching a contract is compensation of money, or injunction enforced after special performance. A contract is also said to be a promise that is formed between two or more parties, and which is enforceable by law. The occurrence of a contract is led to an offer made, and an acceptance enhanced. An agreement is said to be a cross reference involving different persons that may be oral, written, and lies upon the parties to honor its fulfillment. Contracts are agreements, and there is the involvement of mutual understanding between the participating parties. This paper has detailed information regarding contracts and aspects surrounding them. As indicated, contracts are agreements where there is the involvement of mutual understanding between the participating parties. An agreement is said to be a cross reference involving between different persons that may be oral, written, and lies upon the parties to honor its fulfillment. The case below regarding ken and sweets is taken to be a contract, which was done orally. The fact that sweets accepted to participate, and also promised to deliver the items denotes that there was the creation of a mutual understanding. This contract is one which is enforceable before the law. Sweet was supposed to have delivered the items on the required date. Sweet, however, is said to have breached the contract as he failed to fulfill pa rt of the contract, or agreement they had with Ken. The remedy that is involved with breaching a contract is compensation of money, or injunction enforced after special performance. The damages paid to a person after a breach of the contract are viewed in various aspects. They include expectations, reliance and restitution. The type of breach is determined by the type of contract that was enforced between the participating parties. The first step that is undertaken after a breach of contract is what the contract stipulated, and whether it was written, or oral. The other aspect that is looked at is if the agreement was business to the customer, or business to business. There are various damages awarded after a breach of contract including compensatory, nominal, accounts of profits, non-monetary, and liquidated. Ken is trying to pursue compensatory damages. These are damages, which are offered by the court to the affected party, as a way of compensating for the loss achieved. Ken see ms to also fight for expectations damages as he states that if the sugar was delivered on time, he would have made a lot of profits. The awarding of a damage that relates to a breach of contract has various factors examined. Some of these include the type of contract that was involved. This is the case with ken and sweet. Sweet after breaching the contract was supposed to cater for the loss that ken suffered. Ken pursued expectations and compensatory damages. Sweets said that ken is entitled to compensatory damages alone an aspect that is correct. Compensatory damages are also called the actual damages. These are the damages that ken should have been awarded. Compensatory damages are divided into general and special. General compensatory covers the loss in a direct and necessarily incurred after the breach of contract. These are most common, and which are mostly awarded. Special compensatory damages or otherwise called consequential damages, are awarded after some an unpredictable c ircumstances happens, and leads to the breach of contract. The case of Ken required that he be awarded special compensatory damages as some circumstances led to sweets being unable to deliver the items on time. Based on the condition of the case, ken can as well fail to get the compensatory damages aspired. This can arise as an aspect relating from their contract. In cases that ken fails to get the general or special compensatory damages, ken can as well push for expectation damages. Expectations damages occur as a result of identifying the expectancy that was as a result of the promise. Since ken was expecting that, during December he would make a lot of profits, this is an aspect that should be awarded in terms of damages. The fact that ken accepted to make profits, had made him expectant to making greater sales as a result of the Christmas season. Transvac have no right to increase their bid after a contract is awarded. This is an aspect that should have been done before the cont ract was awarded. The increase of price can only be awarded by the university towards Thomas if there is need be that the increase is necessary. The fact that Thomas increased the price was used as a way of enticing the company to do its job to evade them from being incompetent. ...

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The Ethics Of Electronic Advertising - 916 Words

The vast technological advancements within the last decades have changed how businesses approach current and potential customers. Advertising strategies have transcended traditional mediums and have evolved to infect new technology mediums. The Internet opened the doors to new possibilities and it is no different with advertising. Every new era has some new invention that calls into question its ethical standards such as the radio, television, computer, and now the Internet. Ethics concerns the moral principles that govern how a person or organization should behave as to avoid the invasion of rights of others. The span of ethical standards has no boundaries; Ethical standards are limitless. And ethical standards apply to advertising, including electronic advertisements, which are any advertisements found on the Internet. Electronic advertisers face many critiques and challenges by ethicists and consumers. In addition to electronic advertisements being annoying and disruptive by Inter net users, face ethical challenges, some which have been outlined by an article on â€Å"The Balance†. The article illustrates some of the common unethical acts that most electronic advertisers execute knowingly. These infringements include: â€Å"making untrue claims, bait-and-switch offers †¦ advertorials, interstitial ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, contextual links, and overlay ads† (Spizziri, 2016, p. 1). Spizziri states that companies that indulge in these types of advertisements can foresee negativeShow MoreRelatedEssay on Children and the Media/Advertising816 Words   |  4 Pages It has been noted that the media and advertising industries have targeted the children in the process of selling products and services. Children are in the age range that is most influenced and are most desired for companies to sell products to. Minors are young and are therefore potential long-term consumers. Some of these advertising industries include companies selling credit c ards, tobacco, alcohol, clothing and fast food. According to marketing expert James U. McNeal, PhD, author of quot;TheRead MoreThe Between British And Chinese Waste Management Essay1226 Words   |  5 PagesSaying that a corporation has no social or moral responsibility to engage in, is untrue. A company should be looking at its host nation laws and regulations, the laws and regulations of its market countries, and its desired Code of Ethics of both its employees and leadership. By implicating that a company’s responsibility has borders or boundaries is a true statement because there may not be reciprocity between nation’s regulations. This does not mean that it exonerates the company from honoringRead MoreAdvertising and Solicitation1173 Words   |  5 PagesRules have specific guidelines concerning how advertising legal services should be handled, and each state had adopted laws that follow these in some way or another. Understanding these guidelines and knowing st ate laws that regulate advertising legal services is necessary for all legal professionals so that their services are offered to the public while working withing the boundaries of the law. The unit six seminar discusses what legal advertising and solicitation is, the difference between theRead MoreThe Three Major Factors Fueling International Technological Growth1271 Words   |  6 Pageshelping to connect different populations, especially those in isolated areas (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). E-commerce Roos (2008) defines electronic commerce or e-commerce as buying or selling of goods and services over the internet. Electronic commerce encompasses a broad range of information sources, to include, the internet, advertising, ordering products, downloading applications, music, and the ability to file taxes on-line (Roos, 2008). According to Nasir (2004) e-commerce is availableRead MoreBusiness Ethics at Rocky Mountain Imaging Essay examples1676 Words   |  7 PagesMaria – She is Rocky Mountain Imaging’s bookkeeper. She worries about an audit gone wrong if we receive the check from DEC. d. Denise – She is the DEC Electronics Account Representative. She is in charge of paperwork and receipts for the accounting department at DEC. e. Ingrid – She is the Sales Manager and Denise’s Manager at DEC Electronics. She worries about the actions taking place by us and will consult with her corporate office before proceeding. f. Operational Manager Team – We have beenRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Ethics1073 Words   |  5 PagesFongos Computer Solution (FCS) Code of Ethics A code of ethics is a business document outlining professional standards expected of all company employees and representatives. Although it may address internal conduct, it primarily centers on what is expected of workers when engaged in customer-centric activities. It creates standards by which business representatives are held accountable. In the business arena, it is significant to implement standards and procedures that management and workers areRead MoreMarketing Strategy Of The Apple Company Essay959 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization that carries out marketing at the global level is the Apple Company Inc. Apple’s Marketing Strategy The Apple Company does not have any marketing budget. It does not even go on advertising her products through radio or televisions. Instead, it uses other companies for advertising of their electronic products. Apple Company uses her brands to compete. It focuses on product marketing strategy. The company values product placement with celebrities. It also employs free trial programs of theirRead MoreThe Ethics Of Information Technology812 Words   |  4 Pageswould not have expected that one of the class where I will have to do extensive research on issues that cut across the board will be from a class such as Ethics in Information Technology. My first take away is that ethics cannot be defined narrowly. It is a broad topic that can be approached from many different perspectives. Frank Navran of the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) defines it as the study of what we understand to be good and right behavior and how people make those judgments (UMUC Library,Read More2.08 body paragraph Es say1613 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Advertisement Chart    How does the ad use  logos? How does the ad use  pathos? How does the ad use  ethos? Does the ad seem effective to you?   Explain your reasoning. Your favorite   electronic device   The video uses logos by saying that the IPhone 4s has 8 megapixels and all new optics which makes it more than the leading competition.         The video uses pathos by saying siri is an amazing assistant that listens to you and understands you when you need her.         The video uses ethosRead MoreEthics Case Study : Paradyne1159 Words   |  5 PagesEthics Case Study: Paradyne By Ali Khan for EE4400 1 Background Every good engineer will be ruled by ethics and moral code. Honesty towards his client and fellow team mates is a must for any good engineer. While building designs and turning innovative ideas into reality require dedication and passion. Engineers in their day to day work face hardships and difficult decisions. We spend long and hard days at work. Solving problems in given limited resources and time does make life difficult and good

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Great Expectations By Charles Dickens - 1622 Words

In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a conflict between a young boy named Pip and his sister s husband named Joe formed complex father-son relationship. This relationship has many ups and downs that result in Pip s journey to becoming an experienced adult. The conflicting feelings between Pip and Joe contribute to the long lasting nature of this book because of their similarities to life in the real world. Whether it is Pip s embarrassment of Joe s common blacksmith social class, or a son who is embarrassed by his father s intellect, their relationship is key to the novel s development as a whole. It is through Pip s relationship with Joe that we are presented with the insecurities and flaws of a young man s relationship†¦show more content†¦In fact, Mrs. Joe didn t even want to bring Pip into their home, but Joe protested and said, Bring the poor little child. God bless the poor little child, there s room for him at the forge. When we see this it suggests Joe s imm ediate friendship with Pip and how their friendship would soon immediately prosper because of the connection Joe has made to Pip s circumstance. Joe, for the most part, had a terrible father, and he acts like the complete opposite of how his father acted with him. Joe was never able to receive an education because his father did not believe it to be important. However, Joe wants Pip to receive an education and to learn how to read, and this provides us with one of the key scenes that demonstrates how closely connected he is to Pip, when Pip is teaching him how to read. This shows the love and respect Pip has for Joe in a profound way to share his newfound knowledge with his father figure. Shifting towards the middle of Pip’s journey, the relationship between him and Joe begins to tumultuously spiral out of control for the both of them. The gap had grown too large for either of them to overcome, and Pip wanted more than what Joe could provide. Pip wanted to become a gen tleman and even says, †I wished Joe had been rather more genteelly brought up, and then I should have been so too.† This reveals Pip’s discord with the circumstances in which he was brought

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Genocide in East Timor Essay Example For Students

Genocide in East Timor Essay This is a report about genocide. Genocide is the deliberate assassination of entire peoples. There are many different types of genocide. There are also many different times and places at which it has occurred. The one that this report is on is East Timor . East Timor people had a unique and different belief than most people. Like Native Americans, they believed that everything that walks, flies, swims, and crawls is a person. In their religion, everything is a living thing and at one time, all things spoke. Even the ground cried out when people trod upon it and the trees and grasses screamed when they were cut. The country that was invading East Timor was the Indonesians. The reason was simply because they just did not like their ways. They no longer permitted the rituals of East Timor people. So they began the assassination of them. The United States of America couldnt do shit to stop them. Canada plays a major role in the abuse of the right of the Timorese to an independent nation. Canada was the supplier of weapons to Indonesia for wars. In the period between 1987-1991, Canadian aid to the Indonesians was estimated to reach $450 million dollars. This invasion took place in 1975. The death toll was about 250,OOO. 100,000 of them were starved (40%). That is about two out of every five people. A similar event is taking place in Iraq today. History always repeats itself. Something like this is probably going to happen again in the near future. .

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This is my introduction to the brain and spinal co Essay Example For Students

This is my introduction to the brain and spinal co Essay rd. I will tell you where they are located and what they do in my own words. Listen and read. The spinal cord is located on your lower back. It is made out of a big bundle of neuron and the purpose is to allow you to move. It helps you work, sleep and do things in todays world. The brain controls every thing in the body. It is in the top layer of your skull with jelly mass and has three parts. Thats the end of the introduction of the spinal cord and brain. One of the parts of the nervous systems is the brain. The brain belongs to the section of nervous systems called the central nervous system or C.N.S. It is at the top of your head inside your skull. This soft jelly like mass has three parts. These three parts are called the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the medulla or brainstem. The function of the cerebrum is to control voluntary action, which includes speaking, the five senses, movement, memory, and thinking .Thc second major part of the brain is the cerebellum. The cerebellum commands balance coordination and posture. The last major part of the brain is the medulla it is in charge of heartbeat digestion, breathing sleeping and being awake. These are all the involuntary function of the body This part of the brain is the connector between the spinal cord and the cerebrum. The spinal cord belongs to the C.N.S. It is the most important bones of your lower back and it controls movement and mostly every thing in the body it has nerves. If you do not have a spinal cord you cant move around and go anywhere. You can not work or you cannot do most things normal people do. That is why you need a spinal cord to live in todays world. We will write a custom essay on This is my introduction to the brain and spinal co specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The five senses belong to the Peripheral Nervous System. They are the skin,which is the largest organ in the body,located all over the body.Ears located R/L side of the head above the jaw. Eyes located R/L side of the nose. Nose located at the center of the face between your eyes above the mouth. Tongue located inside your mouth below the nose and above the chin. The function of each of the sense organs are,your nose is for smelling. The tongue is for taste. The skin it lets you feel things. Eyes lets you see things like your eye sight. Ears lets you hear sounds. The Neuron belongs to the P N S .Neurons are located every where in your body. The five parts are the cell body and the dendrites,neurontransmitter and nucleus and axon.The cellbody is the main part of the cell. Dendrite is the receiving part of the neuron. Neurotransmitter message carrying chemistry. Nucleus is the brain of the neuron. Axon carries the message to the next neuron, which controls all of the nerves. In conclusion the nervous system is the controling part of the body. The neurons also has two sections and four parts. The two sections are the central nevous system is the brain, spinal cord, neurons, and the five senses. That is the closing of the nervous system.

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Colonial Unity essays

Colonial Unity essays The American colonists, on the eve of the Revolution were very concrete in their identity as well as their unity. The colonists had endured many years of far off governance by the mother country, as well as intercolonial problems that could only be solved by coming together as one close knit colonial unit. The colonists had made their decision; that they were not going to be governed by the far off, and tyrant mother country of England, and they were going to come together as one to defend their beliefs. The colonies had been exposed to many different instances in which they had to deal with a harsh suppression put on them by England. The Proclamation Act of 1763 was the first, and more would follow. The Quartering Act of 1765, The Stamp Act of 1675, and later the Townsend Acts. Mather Byles posed the question in his publication ...which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away. He simply, but strongly makes the point that the colonists were becoming tired of being governed by some far off land. Colonists, because of this harsh suppression began to strengthen their beliefs that this governance by England was not going to meet the needs of the colonists without raising some extreme controversial. In the Declaration for the Causes of Taking up Arms in July of 1775, it was obvious that the colonists were not initially looking for the separation to happen, but because of Englands harshness, they had no choice. ...we assure them that we mean not to dissolve that union which has so long and so happily subsisted between us, and which we sincerely wish to see restored... All colonists in these beliefs would begin to strengthen their colonial unity. The Revolution was the most prominent event in which it was necessary for all the colonists to be united for the same cause. The cartoon in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, drawn b...

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Should online degrees be considered to be equal to college or Essay

Should online degrees be considered to be equal to college or university campus degrees - Essay Example line communication or teaching takes place only in the verbal form whereas in classroom teaching communication is taking place both in verbal and nonverbal form. It is often said that the amount of information communicated though nonverbal channels is more than that communicated through verbal channels. In short, online courses cannot offer effective communication between the teacher and the student. Online courses can offer only theoretical knowledge whereas college courses can offer both theoretical and practical knowledge. In order to learn a topic properly, both theoretical and practical knowledge are essential. In other words, online degree holders may not have proper practical knowledge compared to the regular college degree holders. The credibility of online degree cannot be equated against that of a university degree. Online degrees are provided by legitimate and illegitimate institutions whereas university degree is provided only by the legitimate sources. Proponents of online degree are of the view that online degrees and university degrees have not many differences. In the case of online degrees in art subjects, the above argument seems to be valid up to certain extent. However, it should be noted that science degrees earned through online courses may not have the backing of practical knowledge and therefore it cannot be equated against the science degrees from regular colleges or